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Sardinia - A beautiful island


The island of Sardinia is widely regarded as the most beautiful of the Italian islands. With a beautiful white sand beaches dotted along a ragged coast, a cluster of offshore islets which are perfect for photographers and a gorgeous mountainous interior that has lush green hillsides and provide a wonderful backdrop to the coastline. In a word Sardinia is stunning.

Sardinia has been a popular tourist spot for many years especially with Italians from the mainland, now the rest of Europe are slowly discovering that Sardinia holidays can be enjoyed by all. The Island has been a popular spot for the wealthy for many years, many multi million pound yachts are moored in the marinas in and around Alghero and draw tourists to appreciate the charm.

Discover history in Sardinia

Sardinia is home to a lot of relics from years gone by, from Carthaginian and Roman ruins to Pisa style towers as well as Genoan fortifications. Some of the sites date back as far as 1500BC from the island's earliest inhabitants. It is quite easy to see why many invaders wanted to keep this beautiful island to themselves. The Sardinian language has changed very little from Latin although Sardinia has a strong Catalan influence and the dialect around Alghero proves this.

Location of Sardinia

Sardinia lies in the Mediterranean and is around 100 miles from the Italian mainland and a bit further north of Africa, it is south of Corisica, just across the Straits of Bonifacio. The beaches in Sardinia are much less crowded than those on the mainland of Italy and are ideal spot in which to enjoy your holiday in Sardinia, the white sand beach at Chia is said by many to be the best beach in the Mediterranean. Thanks to it's location, Sardinia has a fantastic range of food to sample, with excellent fresh fish and seafood dishes to the traditional spit roast meats including lamb and suckling pig. The local wine is a perfect accompaniment to the local cusine, some of the most popular include Vernaccia, Neptente and the sweet Malvasia.

Activities for your Sardinia Holiday

The sea provides a playground for sports fanatics. Some of the best dive sites are to be found off the shores of Sardinia with three famous wrecks popular destinations. Windsurfing is also popular with locals and tourists alike, as is boating. Back on land, Sardina offers some fantastic opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, jeep safaris and horseriding. There are golf courses too. Nightlife on Sardinia is fairly low key with most evenings revolving around a stroll followed by a meal in a pavement cafe/bar or restaurant.