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Located on the southern tip of Bulgaria, the Bourgas area hosts a variety or resorts which accommodate seekers of sun filled holidays. Each resort has exceptional beaches, a vast array of bars and restaurants as well as cultural artefacts which have been discovered and await investigation.

Sunny Beach is the largest resort in the area and boasts a wide array of bars, restaurants and nightlife to keep all ages entertained and looked after. The main promenade is where the bars and restaurants are primarily located and the food served is very cosmopolitan.

For water-lovers, there is plenty of activities which can be enjoyed – from swimming, snorkelling to kayaking, these can all be done from this resort, and why not relax on the wide expanses of beaches afterwards. For those seeking culture, there are many World Heritage sites, museums and religious buildings which any holidaymaker can visit and explore.

Next door to Sunny Beach is the resort of Nessebar. Although somewhat quieter than Sunny Beach, it shares the same coastline as its illustrious neighbour and the extensive public transport network allows the resorts to be even closer.
There are smaller resorts such as Sozopol, Duni and Elenite which offer a traditional Bulgarian welcome to all visitors whilst also offering modern facilities and amenities.

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