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Caribbean holidays are great value for money with many islands offering fully inclusive resorts which serve food and drink twenty four hours a day. The many islands have one thing in common and that is the beautiful coastline and azure seas.

Each island has a unique charm and offers something different. Cuba for example has fabulous white sand beaches as well as some good diving sites. Jamaica has lively resorts such as Ochos Rios and the famous Dunes Rivers Falls which make for a good day out. Dominican Republic has a range of resorts on the north and southern coasts all of which have fine sandy beaches and a good range of resorts.

Barbados, Antigua and St. Lucia are all popular destinations and have lots of good quality accommodation on offer with many upmarket resorts perfect for a wedding or honeymoon or a romantic getaway from the mass crowds. Antigua is said to have a beach for every day of the year, St. Lucia has natural beauty and some gorgeous sandy coves. Barbados is a paradise great for beach holidays, water sports and lots of activities going on. Quieter islands such as Aruba, Grenada and Tobago are also starting to see more British holidaymakers discovering the beauty that the islands have.

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