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Egypt, the land of Pharaohs, pyramids, remains of ancient civilisations, the mighty River Nile and the Red Sea Riviera. Egypt holidays allow you to explore all of these fascinating parts of history whilst enjoying a modern hotel packed full of activities and facilities.

Luxor is the go to place for some historical temples and the best way to see and explore these ancient monuments is to take a Nile cruise holiday. The large vessels sail along the Nile from Luxor all the way to Abu Simbel via Aswan and back and visit various ancient sites along the way. With a wealth of stops at places such as Edfu, Kom Ombo and Karnak, it is a great way to travel back in time whilst enjoy a leisurely river cruise.

Cairo the capital of Egypt also sits on the banks of the Nile and offers a great base to explore. The world famous Great Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza are close at hand as well as huge amount of ancient sites and burial grounds including Memphis which is believed to be one of the oldest cities on earth and legend states it was the ancient capital of Egypt. There are also museums including the world famous Egyptian Museum which has an amazing collection of antiques from tombs of mummies and Tutankhamun’s resting place. Longer Nile cruises are also available from Cairo all the way down the river to Abu Simbel and back.

The majority of holidays to Egypt now are taken in one of the Red Sea resorts. Hurghada is currently the premier resort for UK holidaymakers and has sun-kissed beaches as well as a choice of hotels to stay in. From small boutique style hotels to major resort style hotels with on-site water parks.   Excursions include desert safari’s that give the opportunity to head out into the rocky deserts and meet traditional Bedouin people in their desert villages.

The Red Sea resorts started out as sleepy villages and grew as divers discovered that it is a brilliant diving destination. There are many great snorkelling and diving sites, bringing you up-close-and personal with magnificent marine life such as corals, dolphins, rays and the famous Red Sea turtles.

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