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Picture the scene, idyllic sand beaches, great winter weather, smiling locals and reggae playing in the background.  Enjoy a fantastic sunset whilst enjoying a cool drink. So is this the Caribbean? No its the west coast of Africa and it's The Gambia! Just a short hop (well around six hours), it's a perfect choice for a winter holiday break with temperatures usually over 30ºc and with very little or no rain at all through the whole winter it ticks all the boxes on the winter holiday list.

Visit the self titled "smiling coast of Africa" and enjoy a holiday in Gambia for yourself, the palm fringed beaches are a good place from which to enjoy a hot lazy day, hear the splash of the waves and the odd friendly voice offering you some fresh fruit or fruit juice. Talk to the locals who will instantly welcome you and make you feel like an old friend. Have a dip in the refreshing sea or lose yourself in a pleasant stroll along the long expanses of golden and white sands on this beautiful stretch coastline.  

So what is there to do on Gambia holidays we here you say, well the honest answer is as much or as little as you like. If you just want to lie around the pool or on the beach that's fine, however if you want to get out and about there are loads of places and things to explore. Have a visit to the Kachikally Crocodile Pool, situated in the heart of the town of Bakau, and walk amongst the free roaming  Croc's, give one a pat, apparently they don't bite. Whilst you are there you can have a browse around the museum which offers some fascinating history about Gambia. Head off on a jeep safari into the bush and along deserted beaches, try a spot of deep sea fishing, take a quad bike trip or take a camel ride at Tanji beach. You can even take a boat trip along the River Gambia to see the Hippos or a overnight trip to neighbouring Senegal to see some wildlife or a trip to St James Island, which was a fort run by the British in Colonial days gone by. Whatever you fancy doing speak to a local Government guide who will offer great advice.

Experience The Gambia Nightlife Scene

Have a night out in Senegambia and enjoy live reggae and African music whilst enjoying a tasty meal or sipping a cocktail. There is a good selection of restaurants ranging from local budget to really good quality international ones that are run by European chefs,  and the prices are much lower than the UK and most European resorts, Ali Babas offers great value for money and a visit to Scala Restaurant is also highly recommended too. The local beer is Julbrew and a bottle sets you back around 70p and is available in bars, restaurants and shops. The lively strip has a good choice of family friendly nightspots with live music going on into the early hours, it is a must visit on any holiday in Gambia!

So after fitting in all the above activities where do you stay on Gambia holidays? There is a good choice of accommodation available for all budgets and tastes, from basic hotels to 5* luxury or 5* boutiques. Two hotels we feature offer all inclusive, the smartline Palma Rima Hotel or the Sheraton Gambia. For a sophisticated setting the Ngala Lodge and Coco Ocean Resort offer the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself in a tranquil setting. The lively Kombo Beach hotel is in a perfect spot in Kotu, an archway from the pool takes you to the gorgeous beach.

Many of our staff who work have visited the Gambia numerous times and have firsthand experience of Gambia holidays and are really passionate about this beautiful area of west Africa. Use our search or give our Gambia Experts a call today who would love to talk to you about all things Gambia and we can find you the best holiday deals from Gatwick, Manchester or Birmingham. We can also offer you flights from local airports using Brussells Airlines, call us for more details!