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When asked to think about holidays in Italy, a mixture of history, classical beauty and stunning scenery spring to mind. There is a variety of resorts in Italy, each offering a unique perspective of Italy.

Why not sample the beauty of the Italian Lakes- from Lake Garda and Lake Como? There are different resorts on each of the shores of the lakes and each offer stunning views across the lake and each is unique in gastronomic delights too. Resorts Such as Limone, Garda and Malcesine are all waiting to afford you the warmest welcome possible.

Another area of Italy which draws gasps of amazement when seen is Naples. Set in a bay, the Bay of Naples is mesmerising. From arrival, the resort of Sorrento is the primary place to stay. From there, the island of Capri can be visited. With its thermal spas – it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Italy also boasts two islands which are famous own right. Sardinia and Sicily can also be visited and when there why not sample the local cuisine and wine to add to the breathtaking scenery and beaches.

As well as holiday resorts, the cities in Italy are plentiful and offer cultural enrichment and historical re-enactment. Rome with its renowned history, Venice with its waterways and gondolas, Florence with its art and culture to mention some. There are many more and each awaiting exploration and discovery.

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