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The Varna area is on the northern tip of Bulgaria and is locally referred to the Bulgaria’s Summer Capital.  With its vast stretches of beaches, the Black Sea region is an impressive array of sandy beaches, coves and jagged cliffs.
Alongside the beaches, Varna also has natural springs, forests aplenty and historical artefacts are all there awaiting exploration by visitors. The main resort in Varna area is Golden sands. Located a short distance from the airport, this resort is surrounded by rolling hills and forests with the Black Sea as a backdrop. There is a wide range of bars and restaurants in the resort to cater for all tastes and wants. From authentic Bulgarian cuisine to international fare, there is plenty to choose from.

The neighbouring resort of Albena offers a spectacular coastline alongside dense woodlands which offers the holidaymaker an ideal opportunity to explore the resort by land and sea.

Each resort has a variety of amenities such as ATM machines, pharmacies etc to accompany the bars and restaurants – so whatever you need, you can get- whether it be antihistamines, aftersun or paracetamol.

Holidays to the Varna region are suitable for couples, families and groups. From relaxing times to lively entertainment – there is plenty to keep all amused.

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